Networked International Organizations:

Using Networks, Measurement, and Social Media for Learning That Leads To Impact

Beth Kanter, Adjunct Professor

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This two-day workshop will help students create an integrated communications strategy that makes effective use of social media and mobile tactics and tools to get results for their host organization. Those results may be increased brand awareness, fundraising, inspiring and mobilizing stakeholders to take action, or outreach. The course will also help students develop a professional learning and networking strategy that will help them deepen the impact of their internship and support their career goals.

In this interactive workshop, Master Trainer, Author, and Networking expert, Beth Kanter, will cover internal adoption issues, organizational networking strategies, integrated digital strategy with a focus in effective social media engagement and content, measurement and organizational learning. The class will also cover practical techniques for being a successful networked organization beyond just using the tools. The workshop content is based on Beth’s three books:‘The Networked Nonprofit’," Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,’ {The Happy Healthy Nonprofit," and her extensive experience working internationally – training NGOs and other trainers to use these methods.

Students will also learn how to set up a professional learning network using social media tools, reflection methods, and networking techniques that will not only contribute to the success of their internship work and/or support career aspirations. The class will also cover the important topic of technology wellness, how to creative effective technology use habits.

Students successfully completing this course will be able to:
  • To understand the basic principles for leveraging networks and integration of social media into an organization’s communications strategy including brand monitoring, ladder of engagement, content strategy, and supporting a champions program
  • To how organizational culture impacts implementation of effective social media and networked strategies and techniques to manage change
  • To learn effective professional networking practices of building your professional network and technology wellness required to implement an integrated digital strategy that achieves results AND support your career objectives