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Heather Ramsey, Co-Founder

Heather has dedicated her career to developing and scaling programs to advance women's and girls' rights and security. Over the last 15 years, Heather has designed and led several large multi-country initiatives in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia focused on women’s empowerment, technology, social entrepreneurship and NGO capacity building, including TechWomen, Women in Technology MENA, E-Mediat and Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability.

In 2015, Heather co-founded WAKE to harness the power of technology and collaboration to amplify the work of women's rights organizations globally. WAKE's flagship program, Tech2Empower, is in Ukraine, Cambodia and Guatemala, and is now launching in the USA!

Specialties: online + tech safety, program design and implementation, women's rights, communications, STEM education, social entrepreneurship, strengthening local NGOs, technical assistance, economic empowerment, working with fields offices, international organizations, participant training, partnership development, grants management, supporting grantees, operations and oversight, staff development



Beth's Questions

  • Tell us about your career path (What you studied at MIIS, first couple of jobs, etc)
  • You and co-founder decided to start your own nonprofit, WAKE. Give us an overview of WAKE and its programs.
  • What are some ways that you use social media for Wake?
  • What are some of the challenges?
  • Do you use social media as “personal brand” for work or professionally? What are the benefits?
  • Some of my students will be doing internships at International Organizations, what is your best advice to them to be successful in their internship and more broadly for a career?